About the Designer

Akansha Sethi is a London based jewellery designer and artist. Graduating from Goldsmiths, University of London with a first in her final year project ‘The Power of Narrative’ has developed and structured her understanding of design. 

Alongside her degree she has spent months in India learning about gemstones and how to hand craft jewellery, which led to the creation of exclusive jewellery pieces for herself and her friends and family in both gold and silver. Taking inspiration from her travels, she always incorporates them in her design, building a personal connection to each piece. Making each jeweled treasure unique.

“I want people to enjoy the experience of wearing an Akansha piece, and for them to wear them every day. That could be for a cocktail party or just casual get together. Jewellery is made to be worn and loved.”

Growing around her parent’s art consultancy business has directed her entrepreneurial skills and her concept for design. This has helped her to appreciate and understand various art forms. Surrounded by extravagant bejeweled heirlooms from an early age has led Akansha to have a keen eye and passion for jewellery and art. Many of these heirlooms had an incredible story to go with it, either how it was acquired or where it was made, which made them more valuable to her.

“Each artefact had its own story, and every time it was narrated it evolved allowing it to capture the essence of the narrator. I desire to create a contemporary collection of heirlooms, which start to encompass a family’s history or a particular relationship.”