About the Designer

After graduating from Goldsmiths, University of London, Akansha started her jewellery brand ‘AS by Akansha Sethi’. Seeking inspiration from the places she has travelled to and by studying art movements, it has shaped her understanding of design. This has meticulously been translated into her timeless pieces of jewellery.


Her design philosophy is to gain rich experiences from places around the world and transform her memories into wearable art forms. The intricacy of each piece is also reflected in the multifaceted nature of the design. This allows each one to be fragmented or unified and to be worn in several ways- creating a convertible line of jewellery. It showcases a level of interactivity, allowing the user to modify the jewellery to suit their style. Akanshas’ fascination with vibrant colours has been reflected in her jewellery, through the use of semi-precious and exotic stones, with pure gold and silver.


Her jewellery is not just an adornment but a piece of art, which gives immense joy to the wearer. It compliments and connects with the individuality of the person wearing it, enabling them to fall in love with the ethos of the design.