Statement 18ct Rose Gold plated real Rose leaf earrings with a hand carved 21ct  Rose Quartz stud. Designed to be worn in two days

Designed to be worn in two different ways 


Earring Size: 65mm


'Gulab' is a series of unique hand- crafted statement earrings inspired by the structure and texture of leaves and petals. The process involves dipping a selection of fresh rose petals and leaves in either 18k Rose Gold or 18k Yellow Gold. This reflects the authentic characteristics of petals and leaves by keeping them delicate and light-weight, whilst still creating pieces that are one of a kind. These petals have been embellished with a detachable hand carved Rose Quartz or Ruby stud, to compliment the character or the colour of the

petal inside. 


 Each Piece may have slight variations as real rose petals have been used in the 'Gulab' collection.

Rose Leaf Earrings

SKU: AS306